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Benua Carles

Storytelling, Graphic Design &  Production



Conception & Design

A collection of 33 unique NFTs that tells the relations between Humanity and drugs.

Each NFT is 1 image + 1 story,
1 real story about drugs.

The perfect mix of my works: creating, sharing culture and discovering new people.

> Go to HiLiFE NFT site

Trip Do Brasil

Conception & Design

A collection of 6 albums distributed worldwide by Sony Music.

The concept was to ask several electronic producers to create an original song inspired by Brazilian music.

+200.000 sales / +400 lives worldwide

Now on digital with Wagram Music

Allure de Chanel

Conception & Production

And we rang at Chanel Perfume & Cosmetics office proposing to create a song insipred by the perfume, to manufacture on CD and inlaid in a magazine...

And we did it. Followed by a vinyl edition delivered to key DJs, a press conference, a party at The Lux in Lisbon, and a complete branding operation with GQ Southern Europe.

France Inter

Storytelling & DJ

Seven years at the French National Radio to accompany the magnificent Didier Varrod in his different shows.

Reviews portraits and interviews like Phoenix, Benjamin Biolay, Indochine, Gonzales, Erik Truffaz...

Also the first Dj mix live at the radio, for December 31st, 2009, at new year's changing hour.

Capture d’écran 2022-03-14 à 18.04.57.png
Fred Sathal
Couture +°+

Conception & Production

One of the greatest artist I had the chance to work with.

Supra talented, hyper creative, mega working girl, she is like a band of gypsies dancing on the Moon!

I created all music for her last fashion shows since 15 years, also for Sathal Créatures exhibit at Musée de la Mode in Marseille, and Mon Antre exhibit at FRAC Provence.


Production & Design

On an idea from Jean-Baptiste Loussier, we produced with the French icon Dani this twisted version of Carmen's Bizet classic.

Video was shooted at Hotel Costes in Paris, directed by Maïwenn with Laura Smet.


Dani DVD 1440x1440.jpg
30 Graph 3.jpg
iiOA Case

Conception & Design

A piece of cardboard cutted and folded that delivers an iPad case you can design as you want!

In the die-cut piece of cardboard, we were also offering a complete Home Cinema system!

Chanel N°5
Design contest


For the N°5 Culture Chanel exhibit at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Chanel organised a contest of redesigning the perfume's bottle.

I was very proud to did 1st Prize with those N°5 and CC logos melted!

29 Graph 2.jpg
Project 8
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-15 at 13.10.07.jpeg


As far as I remember, I’ve always enjoyed creating. Whatever the medias, whereas it was drawing, building, mixing tapes or growing carnivorous plants.


I arrived in Paris in 1991 to study graphic design and typography, and discovered the Rave movement at the same time. I organized a party in Toulouse (France) at Bikini Club, it won’t be the only one. I entered the Who’s Next magazine team as music journalist. The magazine then became -and still is- a fashion show where I was booking DJs. At a party we made at Le Palace in Paris, I deejayed for the first time officially, proposed by David Guetta. At that time, I wrote for several publications like Play, Sono Magazine or the Larousse’s dictionary of music.


Later, we created the company Into Productions where we made advertisements for Lee Cooper or Barclay and videos and shootings for Scan X or St Germain. We also did a complete Villa 3D interface for a DVD published by Beaubourg Museum. There, I wrote the scenario of a movie based on LSD’s history, from shamans to ravers. It was never produced but I strongly remember my phone’s call with Dr Albert Hofmann…


I launched the graphic department at M Communication company, working for Sony, Warner or Playstation.


I began the Rythmix Records company to produce the Trip Do Brasil concept. It ended with 6 albums, 200.000 sales and 400 dates worldwide. I also produced CDs for brands like Chanel or Paule Ka, soundtracks for Mika Kaurismaki or Lancome and a lot of graphism for labels.


I started deejaying a lot, having residencies at Hotel Murano or Festival de Cannes, creating soundtracks for Fred Sathal Haute Couture shows, and joining Didier Varrod at France Inter, the national French radio, for 7 years of reviews, interviews and laughings.


I then entered Les Rois Mages agency where I worked as an A&R on a lot of events for Accenture, Alma, EADS or La Fnac.

After, I created my own agency, Made In Wonder, to develop advertisements for Chanel or Charles & Alice, and special projects like the creation of the iiOA iPad case with folded cardboard.


Now with the NFT, I’m finding the perfect balance between creation, communication and business ; that allows me to create my own personal works.


It’s the HiLiFE!


5 Rue du Pasteur Wagner,  75011 Paris, France  


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