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Allure de Chanel

Conception & Production

And we rang at Chanel Perfume & Cosmetics office proposing to create a song insipred by the perfume, to manufacture on CD and inlaid in a magazine...

And we did it. Followed by a vinyl edition delivered to key DJs, a press conference, a party at The Lux in Lisbon, and a complete branding operation with GQ Southern Europe.

> Read an article in Le Temps magazine

When we began the project, Chanel provides us with their press release where we discovered that perfume's elements of language are using a lot of musical words like harmony, symphony, notes or composition...


The project leads us, with my fellow partner Jean-Baptiste Loussier, from Madrid, Munich and Lisbon to Abbey Road Studios in London!

- Allure (Original Mix / Part 1) 2:44

- Allure (Original Mix / Part 2) 3:53

- Allure (2 The Floor Mix) 5:41

15 Rythmix 8.jpg
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